The Pen is Mightier Than the Camera, Woody vs. Dov, and The Topshop Line Lives

lineoffashion-0408Here and there, fashion illustration is winning out over photography. So do the guys with pens get to marry the models now? (Fashion Tribes)
Yikers! There's still a line outside Topshop. (Racked)
Take on Eau de Tim McRaw and the other celeb lines with (The Moment)
"I feel it's really vulgar. If everyone had a beautiful belly, maybe it'd be a different story. If you have beautiful knees, show your knees." —Francisco Costa on the style of his homeland, Brazil. (Style List)
Okay, so Nylon isn't going all-digital after all. Hooray. Now we can still flip through it while waiting for the L. (WWD)
In his lawsuit over American Apparel's ads that used his image, Woody Allen called their products "low-end" and their marketing campaigns "sleazy," "adolescent" and "infantile." Inside, Dov Charney was smiling. (NYP)

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