The Next Big Style Blogger Challenge 1: Create A Fashion Week Look On A Dime!

Welcome to the first challenge of this year’s edition of our Next Big Style Blogger Contest. By now, our five wonderful finalists have introduced themselves so now all that remains is to put these ladies to task and find out who has the guts, grit, and — most importantly — personal je ne sais quoi to take home the title in a series of stylish drills.
For our lead-off challenge, we’ve asked these five fantastic women to prep themselves for Fashion Week on a very tight budget. As you know, sitting in the front row or standing outside the Tents requires a certain brand of chic that could compel hovering street-style photogs to stop and snap. Alas, many editors try to live caviar lifestyles on ramen salaries — such is the glamorous world of media! So we’re asking our budding style stars to whip up an outfit magnetic enough to draw Tommy Ton’s lens...and for only $100. We've done it before, and we know YOU can, too. To see how inventive our blogger beauties were, and snag a few tips on how to create a front-row look for a standing-room price-tag, click over to our contest page asap. And ladies, it's officially ON.

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