Our Latest Favorite Decor Shop — The Mason Jar

There’s something about stepping into a décor oasis that accelerates our joy meter off the charts. We’re eager to scoop up the goodies and try to replicate in our own casa — which, we’ll be forthcoming, doesn’t always work in our favor. But, ever since we caught word of cute-as-a-button Union Street shop Marmalade opening up a second outpost — this time a boutique packed with lovely little trinkets and furniture for the home — we started marking down the days on our calendars.
Apparently, customers were so gaga over the displays at Marmalade that owner Hope Colling thought...why not open a store that sells said fixtures and other abode luxuries. Owners Hope and Pete Colling really outdid themselves with the opening of The Mason Jar and naturally, we scored some sweet pics of the space.
"I've always had a love of interior design and the way you can transform a room by adding, subtracting or simply rearranging the details," explains Hope. "So, when Pete and I decided to open The Mason Jar, we wanted to create a relaxed, livable space full of color, texture, and natural elements that would give the shop the same warm and inviting feel as a well-designed home."
Take a gander at the quaint shop after the jump and be sure to mosey over to get your home-décor fix in person. You won't be sorry, although your wallet might.
The Mason Jar, 2149 Union Street (between Webster and Fillmore streets); 415-900-8588.