The Mansiere Exists: A Man's Newest Undergarment?

We, like every other jaded New Yorker, are fans of Seinfeld. We, of course, remember Kramer's preposterous conceit of the "bro", a bra for men. Many moons ago we shoved that idea in our "Silly" file and forgot about it—until this afternoon, that is. Seems our friends to the East in Japan couldn't shake the idea and bravely went where no man has gone before: the bra for men. Not nearly as tasteful as Miuccia Prada's experimentation for her fall/winter '08 collection blending menswear and women's under garments, wouldn't you say? Believe it or not, we never enrolled for that Japanese class we were thinking of taking, so we leave it to you, our trusted readers, to let us know what the ads say in the comments below. Keep us posted. (Gizmodo)

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