The Knock Off Museum, Kenley Returns, and Vivian Goes to Beacon's

fashion-copious-street-th-bCalling all aspiring style stars: FashionCopious wants your best shot.
Shopping with the Vivian Girls at Beacon's Closet is just as crazy, hipstery as you might have guessed.
Celebs may be experts at acting, singing, dancing, directing, writing, rocking out, binge drinking, sports, and running the world, but that doesn't make them good models.
Kenley Collins makes an appearance in a D.I.Y. floral prints video, managing to not maim anyone or even abuse a cat. Well done.
There's a museum of counterfeit fashion goods in Paris. Strangely, admission is not half the price of entry to a real museum.
"I'm not putting it down for a second, but what I'm trying to do with modelling is show that a womanly body is beautiful, you don't have to be a stick to be beautiful and so what I do as a model is important to me, but I know that I can't do it forever because my self esteem can't take it."—Daisy Lowe.

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