The King of Pop Turns Designer, A Boo-Boo Bridge Line, and Turning Up The Volume

061308_linksBrian Crumley's new line of South-American inspired necklaces may be the closest thing to a scarf we wear this summer. (pictured, NYTimes)
Did you fall down get a boo boo? Alexandre Herchcovitch has some gaudy first aid for you. (
Perhaps the greatest waste of natural and acquired talent in pop-culture history, Michael Jackson, is considering becoming a fashion designer. We could make jokes about single-handed glove lines or white socks, but we're too goddamn scared for that. (Yahoo UK)
These Tatty Devine broaches are pretty cool. They'd be a lot cooler if they went to 11. (Style Salvage)
The ICP makes room for the girls of Harijuku and Hiroshima's bombed-out buildings. (NYTimes)
Swarovski's Runway Rocks featured a dazzling, crystalline tribute to Slim Goodbody. (Animal)
Paper collects the "25 Most Stylish Songbirds", covering fashionable female singers in such categories as "Flower Child" (Joanna Newsom) and "Hot Mess" (Amy Winehouse—but of course). (Oh No They Didn't)
The marketing geniuses at Coors did their research and discovered the best way to get young Britons to drink their beer was by egregiously ripping off Flight of the Conchords. Worth every penny those focus groups. (LVHRD)
Image via The NYTimes

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