These Pics Will Make You Wish You Were A French Cat

While we spend a lot of time ogling Parisian fashion and wondering how French girls look so good without having to do very much, it turns out our real envy should be directed towards le chat. Animal photographer Rachel Hale roamed the south of France, trying to capture how these furry little guys really live... which any cat lover knows is not that simple; Felines tend to flee when approached by strangers. To overcome this issue, Hale decided to spend time befriending each animal to earn its trust, so that the cat wouldn't react by the time she decided to photograph it. The result is enough to make you want to pack up and move across the pond. In fact, we're not sure what we envy more — the beautifully worn buildings, lush greenery, and perfectly cluttered studios, or that le chat gets to spend all day wandering around in this scenery. And, much like the aforementioned French girls, these kitties manage to look carefree and refined, even when they not doing anything but hanging out in a chair or a tree. So refined that we imagine le chat haz brie instead of cheezburger, but we suppose that topic is worthy of another book entirely. (Design*Sponge)

Photo: Via Design*Sponge)

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