Broadway Bloodbath: A New Comedy Features Murder, Mayhem, & Musical Theater

No offense to the Glee kids — we love a good song & dance — but lately we're looking for something a little less...slushy. That's why we're psyched about The Devil's Bitch , a new NYC-based musical comedy pilot that is anything but sweet. Premiering this month at The Friar's Club Film Festival, the show follows Evelyn, a girl who signs her soul away in exchange for instant fame. Now a client of the world's bitchiest talent agent (that would be, um, Satan) Evelyn sings, dances, and commits the occasional murder. The cast features Broadway heavy hitters Matthew Risch, Josh Segarra, and Marla Mindelle (who co-created the show with producer Jonathan Parks-Ramage), not to mention all original music (no Auto-Tune here, thankyouverymuch). The Devil's Bitch is as dark and vicious as it sounds. And... we're already in line.
Where: The Friar's Club Film Festival - Kerfuffle!
The Core Club, 66 East 55th Street (between Park and Madison avenues); 212-486-6600.
When: Saturday, October 27
Tickets: $10, available at

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