Which Dysfunctional Family Movie Will Get You Through Thanksgiving?

Two weeks from today, 80% of Americans will be totally sick of their families. Sure, that's a fact we just made up, but it's one we stand behind. Many of us will be hiding in our childhood bedrooms, stewing over some comment dad made at the table, or wondering whether mom will ever stop nitpicking and just let us choose our own damn clothes (spoiler: nope). It's a magical time, the holidays.
Even if you and your kin get along great, there's something about this particular gathering that brings out the crazy in everyone. We eat, we talk, and finally, we get sick of each other. Then we still have a entire long weekend of leftovers and passive aggression to get through.
Thanksgiving movies have one thing in common: dysfunctional families. And, if there's one thing everyone needs at this time, it's a movie. It gives you an excuse to mentally absent yourself from your own drama and dive into someone else's. If anything, dysfunctional family films let you know you're not alone.
Take this quiz to determine which Thanksgiving movie you need, then go off on your holiday prepared. If you're feeling generous, invite the folks to watch with you. At least if you're looking at the television, you don't have to look at each other. Happy Holidays!
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