Teflon Style, Liv Returns, And Grizzly Chip… Or Is It Hot Bear?

It must have been a humid day when Jason Kibbler shot Ylonka Verheul for Dazed & Confused . (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Ruth La Ferla, who is normally so smart and sane, has decided that bulletproof vests are the thing to wear this year. (NYT)
One of our all-time faves, Grizzly Bear, covers one of our other all-time faves, Hot Chip. It's like a pizzaburger, but better. (Gorilla vs. Bear)
The folks at Fashion Indie are offering up their Fashion Week seats to benefit the people of Haiti. (Fashion Indie)
Whoopsie! Model Barbara Meier walked right out of her shoes at Lena Hoschek's Berlin Fashion Week show. (StyleList)
If any of our European readers have a couch to crash on, Hamish Bowles needs a place to stay during Fashion Week. (The Cut)
Speaking of Berlin, POP has your ticket there. (POP)
Canal Street gentrification—it's happening for real this time! (Curbed)
Liv Tyler ('member her?) returns to modeling with the new G-Star campaign. (FabSugar)
Anna Wintour is ready to leave Bryant Park behind. She's got a Metrocard and everything. (Fashionologie)
On a personal note, after a wonderful year and a half here at The Pipeline, I'm moving to Museyon. Thanks to the staff of the best fashion blog—periodendofstory—for taking me on and teaching me at least 94% of everything I know about fashion. Later, people!

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