This Is Our Jam: TEEN, "Carolina"

Last year, TEEN's promising debut In Limbo mashed post-punk, krautrock, psych-pop, and more for a sound where the best of parts of every genre bubbled to the surface. In particular, the effortlessly catchy "Better" showed a band equally capable of weird detours and gleeful sing-alongs — sometimes in the same track. New single "Carolina" is a denser, more ambitious version of what the band has already done so well, with lead singer Teeny Lieberson's voice ringing out over swaths of lush synth and compressed guitar. Psychedelic, anthemic, and heavier than expected, "Carolina" is the sound of a band growing bigger and brasher with every release.
TEEN's Carolinais out May 28 on Carpark Records.
TEEN — Carolina EP
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