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Tavi Talks About Her Bestie (And It’s Cute)

Okay, this is cute. Tavi Gevinson, in a quick-n-sweet post for Oyster, chats a bit about her friendship with Petra Collins, also a blogger. In our overly busy grown-up worlds, it's all too easy to forget what it was like as a teen, when you're so sick of the town you live in and have the tendency to turn into an "angsty brat". Tavi talks to Oyster about how a visit from Petra breathed new life into the way she sees her world. As usual, Tavi's charm and honesty shine on and make for a good read. Though, is it just us, or would a new experiment in eyeliner be awesome to see? (Oyster)
tavi blonde
Photo: Via Oyster/Petra Collins

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