This 200-Year-Old Skin-Care Line Works Better Than Most High-Tech Ones

Our skin has kind of been grating on our nerves lately. The transition to warmer weather makes our heart sing, but it makes our skin grumpy and confused. Eff that noise. We decided to search for some new skin care products to help our epidermis be as cheerful as we are. The result: We may be reforming our philosophy of "newer is better" when it comes to skin care technology now that we've met Tatcha.
Tatcha's collection, derived from a 200-year-old text, has us swearing by the benefits of May-December relationships. Based on the skin care rituals of geishas, the line incorporates rice enzyme powders, camellia oil, and Asian botanicals to get our skin glowing. Finally, our skin and our mood can match. Small miracles.

Tatcha Skin Care, available at Barneys and Tatcha.

Photo: Via Tatcha