I Live In Dallas — & Here's What $2,000 Will Get You

appearance by Jazmine Reed; produced by Jessica Chou; appearance by Jordan Clark; edited by Sam Russell.
In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. Today, 27-year-old Jazmine Reed-Clark and her husband Jordan Clark, 30, share their Dallas apartment.
In her early twenties, Jazmine Reed-Clark was obsessed with having everything be picture-perfect. "I wanted my home to look like a magazine," she says.
But over time, Jazmine started finding herself drawn to different items that didn't quite fit her established aesthetic. And her multi-personality apartment grew. "The older I got, I just thought, I don't care if this is trendy or in style, as much as if I think it's cool," she says.
When she and her husband moved into a much-larger two-bedroom duplex in Dallas neighborhood Lower Greenville, she had even more room to play. Thus: The "mid-century coze eclectic" living room; the "jungle cafe" dining room, the "marble farmhouse" kitchen, and "Southwestern sexy" bedroom.
Watch their home tour above to see what all those terms mean, and read on for decorating tips and more.
How did you find this space?
"Jordan actually found it. I was unfamiliar with the area, but he had heard great reviews about our landlord, so once we got engaged we wanted to look for a place with outdoor space. We were living in another building our landlord owned, and we just stumbled on this place. I think it's 1600 square feet with a patio, backyard, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. And for this, we just paid one month's rent, which is our security deposit, and that's it."
You must have had a lot of rooms to fill up. What decorating rules do you follow?
"I do like to follow the rule of threes. Depending on the room, though. Some rooms it might be more geometric so I'll care more about symmetry, but I like to make a place feel lived in. So I mix textures and I experiment, and I try not to do too much. But I like to buy things that catch my eye, and then I'll put it in the design closet because I can't find the proper home for it. And every now and then I'll go into the design closet and I'll be like, oh I have the perfect spot for this. So my tip is mix and match, and don't be afraid to experiment."
I love the artwork on your walls. Can you talk about where you found all these prints?
"For my husband, he's lived in Egypt and Spain — he grew up in Indiana — so he likes to college maps. So now we have a lot of maps framed around the house.
"For me, I feel like I have a really simple philosophy when it comes to art. I love art museums and getting lost in them, but at home I believe you should have stuff you just love. Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, I just did not see representation of Black beauty, so it was really important to me that when we have family members coming through, I wanted them to see that celebration of Black beauty. I wanted it to be intentional and have Black queens throughout my house. So we have Issa Rae, we have books by Phoebe Robinson, we have a framed photo of Serena Williams. And I remember seeing that Solange cover art and thinking That's incredible. I always feel something when I walk past it."

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