Super-Stylish Chicago Band Blah Blah Blah Reveals Their Local Shopping Faves

We've showed off the mega-buzzed-about local band Blah Blah Blah before, but we got the feeling that you needed to get a little more...erm...intimate with these boys. The band's super-cool, dare we say romantic style is not an accident; these boys have strong feelings about their style, and were (thankfully) willing to share them with us. Read on to find out where you might bump into Blah Blah Blah on your next shopping trip. Lead singer David Solomon is ready to dish the details.
1. How would you describe your style as a band?
"Very eclectic, very diverse, but always classic. I, myself, love colors that pop against standards like black and white. I also like to get shirts and jackets tailored so that they fit me perfectly and are customized for me personally. We really like classy-yet-comfortable style, in general..."
2. Where is your favorite place to shop for menswear in Chicago?
"There are a lot of great men's shops in Chicago, but some of our favorites are Ralph Lauren, Haberdash, Marc Jacobs, Barney's, Apt. #9, Brook's Brothers, Levi's, Goorin Bros., Club Monaco, and Akira. We even like bigger chains like J.Crew, H&M, Banana Republic, Gap, and Express because they usually have classic staples in the colors we like."
3. What are your favorite thrift or vintage shops in Chicago?
"The place I have found my style of clothes the most—which is still oppressed by my budget—is Recycle on Milwaukee. But we also frequent Village Discount, Unique Thrift Stores, Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, Una Mae's, Land of the Lost, Lenny & Me, Hollywood Mirror, and Clothes Optional."
4. Where would you buy a gift for your significant other?
"I would go directly to the Mercedes-Benz dealership, because all women look good stepping out of a classy ride."
5. If you had and endless amount of cash to spend in one local store, which store would it be?
"This is a tough question. We would probably hit up a menswear boutique in town with a great tailor and have them design some unique pieces just for us! First, we'd pick out some comfortable, colorful fabrics, and then tell them to get creative by pushing the envelope beyond what they think is possible. For us, that's when the fun really begins…"

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