This Candy Will Help You Get Over Your Ex

Going through a breakup can be seriously stressful and tear-inducing on its own, but when you find yourself single during V-Day it can make you do think unspeakable things. All of a sudden, everywhere you look there's happy couples holding hands and skipping off into the sunset together, while you're going home with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and your own misery.
But, being newly unattached during the romantic season doesn't have to be all carbs and complaints — nope, there's always a silver lining, and in this case that silver lining is that men can really suck sometimes. After all, your girlfriends never ditch you for free Knicks tickets or a night of tequila shots and fist pumping at The Stumble Inn, right? If you still need convincing, take the advice of our new favorite candy company, Sugarfina, and its Anti-Valentine's Giftset. These delicious candies are the ultimate advice givers, with themes like "Men are pigs" and "Plenty of fish in the sea."
Of course, aside from the words of wisdom, these little gift sets offer the ultimate heart healer: Sugar. The company also churns out some of the tastiest caramels we've ever tried (among other goodies), so feel free to stock up on reserves just in case you're still feeling a little bitter.

Sugarfina Anti-Valentine's Giftset, $16, available at Sugarfina.

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