Non-Color Hair Colors Are Having A Moment

Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
If you find yourself totally torn between fall's trendiest hair colors — which are turning out to be honey, gray, and unicorn — allow us to suggest an alternative: shades that defy definition. Ever since Victoria Hunter conceived that vintage-y, almost sepia-toned look for Marc Jacobs' fall 2014 show (pictured here), we've been captivated by the idea of muted strands. After all, why settle for something identifiable when you could be all mysterious?
"Colors that give a soft hint of a tone without being too strong or obvious are a great way to stay on-trend, even if you don't want to wear a hair color that screams," says Ian Michael Black, technical director of Aveda's global artistic team. "It's more of a whisper."
Celebrity hairstylist Garrett Markenson says it's best not to DIY these shades unless you already have bleached locks — have the pros do the mandatory color lifting. "The challenge with this sort of look is that it's created on bleached hair," he says. If you're already a peroxide head, he says you can use a filter: Mix a conditioner with your tone of choice, which will dilute it and give it a faded effect. For example, "A lot of conditioner and a touch of silver and purple will give you a stunning violet gray," he says.
Can't decide what combo to create? "Those with golden or peachy undertones should go for soft, coppery orange, or faded strawberry," says Black. If you're cooler-toned, he suggests going for soft grays with blue or violet hues. Worried that the hue you actually want isn't the one for you? Place it only below your jawline (like on the tips), so it doesn't sit against your face.
So, whether your heart settles on a dusty-pink-beige or a taupe-peach-mushroom, one thing's for sure: Trying to define your hair color will be a perfect conversation starter.

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