The Next Big Style Blogger Contest Challenge: Be A Runway Makeup Maven

The contestants in our second annual Next Big Style Blogger Contest have already made the most of one piece and stretched $100 into street style-worthy outfits. Now, it’s time to get up close and personal with our young competitors. Very up close. Because good style doesn’t end at the neck, we want our candidates to prove they not only have an eye for the beauty trends sent down the runway every season, but that they can rock those styles themselves, and, most importantly, break down these makeup looks into easy-to-adopt tips for you, our readers. So, using only what they can scare up on a trip to the local drugstore, we challenged our ladies to pick their favorite catwalk beauty look, replicate it, and create useful, straightforward tips for recreating it at home. Tall order, we know — but in this biz, you have to have standards. So, visit our contest page, see their picks and tips, try their instructions out yourselves in the mirror, and vote for the challenger who created a beauty routine you’d take out on the town.

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