This Interior Snap Will Make You Crave A Home Makeover

swr-2slidePhoto: Courtesy of Style Within Reach.
Here's the funny thing about inspiration: When you're actively seeking it, it can be maddeningly elusive. And at other times, you flip open your laptop and there it is.
Enter, these envy-inducing snapshots from blogger Caitlin Moran's pad. Sure, it's just a few quick pics of her entryway, but it's enough to make us want to whitewash our own digs and start fresh — and clean. The poppy contrast of coral-hued stools against a mostly all-white tableau makes us think happy thoughts of summery spaces where everything is pretty and organized all the time. Do you agree? Could you take a minimalist approach when it comes to color, or are you pro-patterns at home? (Style Within Reach)