Style Syllabus: A Parent-Friendly Wish List For The Holiday Shakedown

If there's ever a time to embrace a bit of love (ahem, assistance) from your parents and their wallets, it's the holiday season. The years of expecting full or even partial deliverance on your wish list are quickly coming to a close, so you might as well take advantage of it now, with a well-organized, punctually delivered list of your most pressing wants and needs.
Of course, there's always the challenge of avoiding that nagging "but honey, do you really need that?" After all, Mom and Dad might go for a nice cardigan or a pricey book, but they probably won't drop cash on that Theysken's Theory leather skirt. You've gotta be wise with your wish list, if you want to avoid any lectures on fiscal responsibility, accompanying your gifts this year. So, consider this gift guide your life-saver, chock-full of sensible but totally desirable gifts that are as pretty as they are practical. Give yourself a break from shopping for other people and spend some time on #1 – after all those finals and end-of-semester parties, you deserve it!

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