Are These The Weirdest — & Most Awesome — College Majors Around?

We’re all familiar with the classic courses of collegiate study: education, business, finance, the arts, etc. But, college is a time of big discovery. And, while your parents might have side-eyed you a bit when you told them you were earning credit for that Beyoncé class, we know there's more outside-the-box, weird, and wonderful schools of thought worth your tuition. And, Teen Vogue has outlined a few.
Rare, but special, these majors are offered at campuses across the country. Have a passion for viticulture? For those who know that's the study of wine-making, then you probably do. Think your love of pop culture is just an on-the-side interest? Doesn't have to be. Click over to check the rest of the list. We're not suggesting you'll change (or regret) your whole undergrad plan, but it can't hurt to know your options. Knowledge is power, right? (Teen Vogue)

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