Why Is Smelling Like A Stripper A Bad Thing?

Any stripper worth her singles knows there's a whole lot more to the job than taking off your clothes and having an insanely strong core and upper body — it's about creating the ultimate fantasy and escape from reality for someone else. (Sort of like Make-A-Wish! Or maybe nothing like it at all.)
That fantasy, at its essence, is scented like one of the best songs of the '90s: sex and candy. And who's to say that's bad? "Smelling like a stripper is definitely a thing, and it's a thing that should be celebrated," says Jacq The Stripper, an author, comedian, and dancer who works internationally.
So, yeah, that stereotypical "stripper smell" people often sneer at? It's a move as calculated as putting the jumbo-sized Snickers in the checkout line. Seven dancers from the most popular joints in the country share their signature fragrance (and why they wear it), ahead.

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