Street Roundup: A Reflective Moment for Sunglasses

They say people are attracted to themselves in others—that one's favorite word to hear is their own name, and it's why people often date others who bear similar looks. Whether or not your believe this, we're seeing a reflective trend on the streets in sunglasses. The classic big, dark, shades have replaced their lenses with double-sided mirrors—those who wear them can see you, but you can't see them. Instead, as it would appear, all eyes are on you. Part voyeuristic, part narcissistic, and all style, these are the sunglasses of the moment. The Danes and French are all on this, and we're sure to be seeing more of the icy-meets-indulgent look soon.
Top image:
Garance Doré, Paris.
Second row, left to right:

Gade Mode
, Aarhus.

Copenhagen Street Style
, Copenhagen.

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