5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 16 2010

Momofuku's David Chang, Naomi Watts, some models, and a Yeti appear in the strangest editorial, ever, in the September issue of Vogue. (Fashin)
Steven Slater, the JetBlue steward who quit his job and then slid down the plane's emergency exit, wants to be a designer. Or a merchandiser. Or an author. Or a reality show star. (Hintmag)
Did Proenza Schouler photoshop out this model's waist? (Styleite)
Blogger extroidinaire Luxirare has created a stunning camera case for Nikon D90s. (Luxirare)
With seeds, pebbles, and beads, designer Tiffany Rowe makes jewelry that a trypophobe would hate. (ASVOF)david-chang-naomi-watts-september-vogue

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