Starfruit Gets Stylish With A Chicago Design Contest–Vote For Your Fave!

starfruit main
Starfruit and Lifeway Kefir, two delicious geniuses, have decided Chicago's got some serious design talent worth showing off. They've chosen four up-and-coming designers to duke it out one week from today. Their challenge? Present their take on Chicago's quintessential fall look, for a chance to win $500 and a $50 gift card to Starfruit (which we'd use in, like, five minutes). Online voting is open, and on October 6, head to Starfruit to see how the whole thing plays out. You'll also get hang time with guest judges Kevin Aeh (of Time Out), Erica Bethe Levin and Jessica Zweig (of Cheeky Chicago), and local designer Borris Powell. See who brings home the bucks!
Starfruit, 2142 North Halsted Street (just south of Fullerton Street); 773-868-4900.
Photo: Courtesy of k101 | CHICAGO

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