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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For People Who…Hate Cleaning

Like with app dating or running a marathon, spring cleaning sounds far more alluring in theory than it does in practice. Sure, the impending arrival of marginally bearable weather certainly makes us all want to better ourselves — and in turn, our spaces — but in reality, the very process of purging your home of dirt and clutter is no small undertaking. In fact, it’s a two-tiered process: Not only does your traditional spring cleaning journey require that you comb through all the excess stuff you’ve accumulated (think: neglected appliances, books you’ll never read, boxes of clothes you swore you’d sell on Depop eight months ago), but you’ll also have to actually clean
That’s right, we’re talking about vacuuming, washing floors, disinfecting countertops, dry-cleaning couch cushions. In all likelihood, you’ll spend quite a bit of time crawling around on floors or climbing on top of furniture, attempting to reach precarious corners without sustaining any injuries. 
We don’t mean to put you off spring cleaning entirely, though. For all the trouble and tedium, it’s still true that there are few things as cathartic as inhabiting a space that’s been utterly cleansed of built-up mess. And frankly, it’s that much more satisfying when you’ve done the corner-scrubbing, table-standing, window-washing, and apparel-donating yourself. 
So, for those of you who truly detest cleaning (we hear you), how do you enjoy the rewards of spring cleaning without perishing in the process? We tapped home organization expert Kathryn Emery of holistic cleaning service Be The Best Home to find out. With 30 years of experience in the home improvement space, she certainly knows what it takes to orchestrate a thorough home clean — but she also knows that we’re all busy (and cleaning is rarely our top priority). That’s why she has rounded up her most efficient, low-effort tips for a good, proper spring cleaning session — designed for people who hate cleaning. Take a gander at the below, then go forth and vacuum. 

Use microfiber to dust & clean

“Anyone who hates cleaning should invest in microfiber towels,” Emery advises. “Just a few quick swipes on any surface will remove all dust, dirt, and grime.”
Microfiber is a special kind of synthetic fiber that’s split into ultra-fine strands — and when they’re woven together into a cloth, it becomes super porous. All that absorbing power helps you remove dirt and dust efficiently when you’re cleaning furniture — or any surface, really — rather than just pushing filth around in circles (like you might with a paper towel). 
Better yet, you can throw microfiber towels in the washing machine so you’ll be able to use them for years — which means you’ll save money and precious environmental resources. 

Invest in smart cleaning gadgets 

Springing for whatever newfangled piece of cleaning technology that’s taking over your TikTok feed can feel like a bit of a hoax, but Emery says there are certain goods worth the splurge, especially if you’re looking for ways to avoid cleaning with your own hands at all costs. “Let the smart home gadgets and robots clean for you,” she says. “I use a robot vacuum all the time, in virtually every room of the house. I can even control it with an app when I’m not home.”
So, if you’re looking forward to returning to a clean apartment — but you have no interest in cleaning said apartment — what could be better than a robot that tackles the whole charade for you?
Not all robot vacuums are created equal, though. That's why Emery recommends Ecovacs' newest model — the DEEBOT X1 OMNI — which mops, vacuums AND cleans itself (like a cat). Better yet, the thing has supercharged suction power derived from the same technology used by self-driving cars – so you know you can trust it to do the dirty work for you. And let's be honest: when was the latest time you actually managed to drag a mop (and a bucket?!) out? Surely your floors could use some love, and this little robot can make 'em sparkle like the Chrysler Building.
Oh, and not only does it come with a cleaning/charging station that can auto-empty, auto-wash, auto-refill, and auto-dry your system (the whole thing will dry itself sans foul odors in less than two hours), but it also operates by way of voice you can literally tell it what to do, while you sit back and stream the Anna Delvey documentary.

Clean! The! Air!

Sure, you can’t see filth floating in the air quite as clearly as the clothing accumulating in small mountains across your bedroom floor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about it. And Emery believes spring is the perfect time to do an air quality check in your home. First, she advises that you change your HVAC filter every season. “A clean HVAC filter will guarantee that you’re breathing cleaner air at home,” she says. “Plus, it’ll protect your HVAC system, so you won’t be spending extra money on maintenance or repairs.” 
Next, she recommends investing in an air quality monitor that can test for radon and other harmful contaminants in the air — just to be safe. And lastly, she suggests swapping your current garden-variety light bulbs for a brand that actually kills germs — like the specialty bulbs (available at most standard hardware stores) that can neutralize any germs or odors they encounter while switched on. “Air cleansing products like these require such little effort,” she says, “so they’re perfect for people who hate germs as much as they hate cleaning.”

Stick to multi-use cleaning tools

Think about it: If you’ve got one tool in hand that allows you to tackle all kinds of different surfaces or problem areas in your home, you’ll certainly make it through more tasks at faster rates. “I'd definitely recommend a floor cleaning tool that can double as a vacuum and a mop — and can support different cleaning needs, from a quick scrub before bed to a more thorough, deep clean before having friends over," she says. 
And if you go with a dual mop-vacuum robot like the lastest ECOVACS model, the whole system will take up a fraction of the space a traditional mop and vacuum would require, which will certainly help you keep those closets organized.
Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the thing is so sleek, it basically looks like the Tesla of robot vacuums. You could absolutely be forgiven for mistaking it for some piece of minimalist home decor.

Make a playlist

Maintaining momentum while you’re knee-deep in a seemingly endless cleaning project is no small feat. Which is why Emery is all for leaning into anything at all that’ll make your spring cleaning venture a bit more pleasurable. And for her, that means pulling together the perfect motivational playlist and bumping it at top volume while she dusts. Put together an upbeat, vibey playlist of your own — and it’s highly likely that you’ll find that cleaning with a soundtrack can make window-washing feel a bit more like choreographing a TikTok dance routine.
The X1 OMNI robot vacuum model will be available for pre-order soon. Continue to check back here for updates.
*Editor's Note Here's why we're obsessed with the new DEEBOT X1 OMNI: Beyond cleaning and mopping without requiring you exert even one ounce of effort, the robot vacuum is also voice controlled, designed to recognize and adjust accordingly when approaching carpets, and uniquely capable of digitally mapping your home for more efficient cleaning. And we assure you, it's no eye soar. Designed by Jacob Jensen Design Studio, you might think it was a decor item, itself.

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