There’s Now An OB-Approved “Push Playlist” For Giving Birth

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Plenty of experiences can be bettered by a good playlist: a party, a workout, and yes, even giving birth. At least that's the thinking behind Spotify's official "push playlist." Yep, the streaming service teamed up with Jacques Moritz, MD, an Ob/Gyn at Weill Cornell Medical Center, to figure out the perfect lineup of songs to help you keep your cool during childbirth.
Specifically Dr. Moritz looked for tracks that would be comforting and familiar, non-distracting instrumentals, variety in artists and song length, and tunes that evoke a sense of beauty. On top of that, the playlist was created to mirror the birth experience: Things start slow and mellow, then pick up for the real pushing excitement, and finally calm down when your newborn is welcomed into the world. Fair warning: It starts with Pearl Jam and just continues into Death Cab, Coldplay, and The Lumineers. (Depending on your tastes, you might push harder just to get out of there as quickly as possible.) That said, your playlist should obviously be like everything else about your birth plan — yours. So if this works for you that's great. If not, though, try what many other parents have done and make your own playlist. With the inspiration of Dr. Moritz's criteria, you should be all set. Let us know in the comments if you have any song suggestions!

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