Finally, A Rent-Splitting Calculator!

If you haven't faced the squeezing-into-one-bedroom-apartment-with-two-or-more people dilemma in NYC, you haven't really lived yet. Just kidding—you're just really financially blessed. We remember erecting that wall in our first place, leading to two tiny bedrooms and a living room that could barely fit a couch. Space aside, there's the age-old question of money. Whose room is bigger? Who has more closet space? Who has the best windows? Basically, who the f needs to be paying more. Enter Jonathan Bittner's Rent Calculator, a sure to be life-changing device we spotted on The Awesomer. Feed in all your living factors into the virtual machine and voilà a money sign that makes sense. Just don't blame us if you or your roommate don't like the end result.

Calculator image via Mental Floss.

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