Soulja Boy Dedicates New EP To Louis Vuitton And "Robert Arnault"

Soulja Boy may rival Rebecca Black for most inane lyrics ("Say what's up? Yeah, yeah. Soulja Boy tell 'em!"), but no one can deny he has a knack for catching your attention. His newest project "Bernard Arnault EP" has been downloaded 13,000 times since yesterday evening, and features such drops of wisdom like, "LV bags. LV pants with that LV sag. It don't make no sense why they LV fake. But mine's real!" Competing with the knockoff-bag slingers in Chinatown, Soulja Boy drops the brand name 63 times on that one track, and—impressively—pronounces it correctly each time! The same can't be said for his extolling for LVHM's Bernard Arnault who Soulja calls "Robert Arnault" on more than one occasion. For your listening (dis)pleasure, we've included the second track, "Louis Vuitton," below. (WWD)

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