5 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jul 27 2010

Lourdes is a young Joan Rivers in the making—apparently, she's her family's resident fashion police.  (Hollywood Life)
Sophia Bush versus Urban Outfitters. We're taking bets. (Styleite)
The Nowness.com gives us an exclusive look into the blogosphere's most admired shoe collectors' home, Jane and Judy Aldridge. (Nowness)
Fashion houses team up with contemporary artists to make memorable fall ad campaigns. (Models.com)
In light of a wave of country club fashion trends (ironic or not), Flavorwire gives us their top 40 = collar-poppin' preppies we all know and love. (Flavorwire)
Kids do the darnedest things! Will Smith's daughter Willow sports a pretty rockin' Rihanna cut . (Daily Mail)

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