Old-School Moves That Work It

You want to work out, right? It makes you look good, feel good, and, well, we all know the reasons — even if we conveniently forget them as soon as a happy-hour email pops up. But, sometimes, the kick in the butt we need isn't the hot, new fitness craze that promises to be the next SoulCycle (after all, it's hard to stick with a routine when signing up for class is on par with snagging Coachella tickets). For many of us, the next-level workout we're looking for is just a refreshed, personalized version of the old-school basics that we know really work.
Enter Lindsey Calla, Saucy Glossie blogger and stylist. A former college lacrosse player, Calla knows her way around a gym. Plus, she wears workout clothes like she was born in them. So, we thought she'd be the perfect person to do a test run at Soho Strength Lab, a college weight room meets boutique studio that combines standard exercise equipment and traditional conditioning with small classes and personal attention from educated, thoughtful coaches.
Calla hit the mat, fully clad in performance-boosting adidas gear meant to help her feel stronger longer. And, Soho Strength Lab founder Andrew Speer was on-hand to make sure her form was picture perfect. Ahead, she demonstrates four classic, yet killer, moves that you can cop for your next trip to the gym.

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