Here’s What Really Happens When You Talk To Strangers

Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.
Talking to people on the sidewalk is not something we're in the habit of doing, unless there's a really adorable dog involved. It's New York, after all. There's a certain type of person who says anything to anyone, and that's the person you avoid. But, we're all about defying the norm, so we got two R29ers to sing and dance and, yes, talk to complete strangers in the latest edition of Smile Showdown.
Senior market editor Bobby Schuessler and associate entertainment editor Vanessa Golembewski are already experienced street talkers. Both have previously competed in the Union Square and Williamsburg challenges, and both have won one. Now, with a little help from Crest 3D White, they're back again for a tie-breaking rematch in Soho.
The goal is simple: Get the most straight-faced New Yorkers to crack in five minutes. Don't worry, though. It won't be too hard once they find a busy corner to tap into their inner Rockette and Mariah Carey. Who would avoid that?

On Bobby: Saturdays shirt; A.P.C. sweater, shoes, and jacket; Vince jeans. On Vanessa:
Maje shirt and sweater; Paige jeans; Rupert Sanderson shoes; Judith & Charles coat.

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