5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 01 2012

We know you're dying to scroll through all 99 women that the horny men of the world have ranked according to attractiveness, so here's a spoiler: #1 is Sofia Vergara. (Ask Men)
Basics for your favorite guy are now all-American made and in much better quality. American Giant launches today — and coincidentally just in time to upgrade your BF's ragged old sweatshirt for Valentine's Day. (American Giant)
What's the secret to making millions in the fashion industry? RuffleButts. As in, ruffles on your butt. (Jezebel)
You plan a party, get decked to the nines, and no one shows. Major ouch. But on the bright side, this video only gets us hyped for even more fashion flavor from our neighbors up North. Check out Toronto's Fashion magazine's newest video series featuring the very coolest local designers. (Fashion Magazine)
A day late, but, does it really matter? We're up for a Justin Timberlake montage any day. Happy Belated JT, we loved you even with the frosted tips and denim evening wear. (HuffPo Style)

Photo: Via Ask Men

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