Social Primer Bow-Ties For Brooks Brothers Are Awesomely Old School

We've long been fans of K. Cooper Ray's blog, Social Primer, sort of the dude's version of Emily Post. On it, the uber prep tackles how to stay traditional (and polite) in the modern world—think correspondence cards, summer wedding garb, and the perfect wet bar. So it's only natural that the former Bottega Vice-President is applying his impeccable manners to the sartorial arena. We couldn't be less surprised (in the best possible way) that his first foray into menswear is a capsule collection of bow-ties for Brooks Brothers, an innovative collection that's just perfect for all of our guys' dressy summer-season needs. Have 'em tie it up sloppy for a clam-bake, or cinch it tighter for an engagement party—either way, the vivid patterns and colors will stand-out. The American-made bow-ties definitely offer a fresh twist on the Gatsby staple, with pure silk and cotton fabrics that feature 16 reversible styles (all $59.50), including floral patterns, nautical flag, and seersucker. So, men, switch up your Memorial day style: With your neck taken care of, your manners will surely follow suit.
Available tomorrow at Brooks Brothers, 346 Madison Avenue (at 44th Street); 212-682-8800

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