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A Vitamin Supplement That Tastes Better Than Candy

Let's be honest. We've tried a lot of those vitamin chews and energy snacks, each time hoping to find that dream combo of healthy and yummy. While some of them had decent health stats, they always wound up tasting, um...disgusting?
That all changed with Snap Infusion Supercandy, a new supplement-sweet we are completely hooked on. Each pack contains a serious dose of vitamins, electrolytes, and other energy/immune-boosting supplements meant to support an active lifestyle — just ask the US Ski Team. We'd say they're relatively active. So, ideal pre-workout snack? Check. As for the taste? CHECK. Supercandy comes in five flavors, all of which taste very similar (in some cases identical) to our favorite guilty pleasure candies: Milk Duds, Sweet Tarts, and Jelly Belly. Another perk is that they managed to pull-off this magic without using any artificial ingredients or high-fructose corn syrup.
Created by husband and wife team Eric and Andrea Stoll, Supercandy is rapidly popping up at drugstores and supermarkets across the country. A second generation will be released by the end of the summer, featuring even more flavors and nutritional features. This stuff is rapidly becoming our go-to afternoon pick-me-up, workout reward, and movie theater snack. Maybe it's science or maybe it's voodoo — we don't really care. Just give us our candy.

Image: Courtesy of Snap Infusion

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