8 Skin-Care Trends You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

A better, more effective skin-care routine is something everyone can get behind. Whether you're constantly looking for that magic cream that gives your skin a lit-from-within glow or you're seeking a product arsenal that gets you out the door faster (read: on time) in the morning, it's safe to say the search for a "perfect" beauty regimen is one that never ends. And lucky for us, your Holy Grail products may still be waiting to be discovered. In order to help narrow down your search, we teamed up with the beauty mavens at Sephora. They walked us through eight skin-care trends we hadn't even heard of yet (makeup grippers, complexion perfectors — it's a whole new language). Swipe through the tool below, answering the statements as they apply to you, and we'll generate a customized shopping list of skin-care solutions. Then, scroll down to learn exactly what each of these new trends are and why one (or all) of them may just be the miracle worker you've been searching for.
Complexion Perfectors
We've schooled you on color correcting before, so you already know how a magic combo of green, yellow, and purple-based products are more than just Instagram gold — they can seriously camouflage redness, brighten your complexion, and hide the evidence of a restless night. Complexion perfectors take color correcting to the next level by adding skin-care benefits to the mix. So you can color correct to your heart's content while also moisturizing, getting in your daily dose of SPF, and more.

Skin Superfoods
Green juice does a body good — and your skin, too, apparently. Okay, it's not actually green juice per se that's in skin superfoods, but rather good-for-you ingredients and nutrients, like natural fruit acids. One of our favorite new products, the Fresh mask you can shop above, includes actual crushed oranges, lemons, and clementines, delivering naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids. The result — smooth, bright skin that'll garner more than a few compliments.

Makeup Grippers
Applying primer prior to your foundation or eyeshadow will keep your makeup from ghosting on you midday. But a makeup gripper takes that idea up a notch. Like complexion perfectors, makeup grippers are makeup and skin-care hybrids. They hold your cosmetics in place and allow for a smoother finish, while also hydrating and plumping the skin like a moisturizer.

Makeup Melters
If you've ever woken up to a pillowcase covered in mascara smears, you could probably use a makeup melter. These are cleansers that quickly dissolve all traces of stubborn or waterproof makeup, so you don't end up sleeping in the pore-clogging remnants of last night's smoky eye. But more than just a cleanser, makeup melters typically give you a little something extra. For instance, our pick from IT Cosmetics, above, can double up as a hydrating face mask.

Capsule Creams
Capsule creams can come in one of two forms. There are gels and creams containing tiny capsules of nutrients that burst upon contact with your skin, like Primary Raw DoYou Azulene Gel Cream. And there are larger capsule products, like the J.One Hana Cream, that deliver a single dose of skin-care ingredients in one fun-to-smush (that's the scientific term) ball. So why do we love them? You're guaranteed to get the perfect amount every time.

Milk Peels
Typically when we book an appointment for a peel or attempt one at home, we cushion in some time to hide our red, scaly faces from the world. But no longer. Milk peels use lactic acid to exfoliate, so unlike a chemical peel, they're calming and hydrating.

Dream Creams
Beauty sleep is a very real thing. On top of getting enough time for shut-eye, it's also important to treat your skin to the right p.m. products. Dream creams are just what the beauty editor ordered. (Think suped-up versions of night creams.) This GlamGlow treatment, for example, is a two-step process. You apply one antioxidant-packed serum, then lock it in with a hyaluronic acid-based seal for a one-two punch that'll recharge your skin.

Splash Masks
We'll be the first to admit we're guilty of skipping some skin-care steps in the morning in order to get out the door in time. Enter the super-concentrated, Korean-inspired splash masks. These liquid “masks” feel like a serum and deliver a double dose of hydrating ingredients in seconds. Just pat a couple of pumps onto clean, wet skin, and let your face air-dry. Intrigued? Shop our top picks for all of the trends above.

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