Skin-Care Myths Every Woman Of Color Needs To Stop Believing

Not all beauty tips are for your benefit. Some are just downright untrue. But, while many of these fibs may seem harmless, when certain beauty myths are taken as truth, they can actually become pretty harmful.
Take, for instance, the myths surrounding brown skin. Because of the unique skin properties that women of color have — more melanin, thicker skin, and an overproduction of collagen — it’s easy to believe a few of the so-called tips we’ve heard over the years. But, it’s time we put these untruths to rest, as the evidence against them rolls in from dermatologists and beauty experts. Here, we're touching on — and debunking — the pointers many women of color have frequently and vehemently supported from generation to generation.
Read on to find out which widely believed skin-care tips for women of color are complete BS and the true ways to take care of your skin.

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