5 Hacks For The Ultimate Healthy Week — Sep 07 2014

HandsKeyboard_LyNgoIllustrated By Ly Ngo.
Your body’s worst enemy: your office chair. Here are five quick fixes that counteract the negative effects of sitting all day — and won’t elicit major side-eye from your coworkers. Translation: No standing desk necessary. (Q By Equinox)
If you're not sure how to use your farmer’s market loot, ask yourself, what would Gwyneth Paltrow do? The answer: She would prepare her blender and try these 10 quirky-yet-delicious smoothie recipes.
You will make it through your to-do list (and your Monday in general), thanks to these unconventional tips on how to prioritize like a boss. (Fast Company)
The best pairing for your pinot noir may be planks and squats. New research shows that wine and exercise (in tandem, but not at the same time) improve cardiovascular health. (Outside)
Science says: Rethink your lunch order. Looks like this eating plan is probably better for you — RIP, bread basket.

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