Shower Mochi Is The Bathtub Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

Photo: Courtesy of Amayori.
Full disclosure: Shower mochi is not mochi that you eat in the shower. Sorry to get your hopes up.  Shower mochi is a beloved new best seller from Amayori, a body-care line inspired by ancient Japanese bathing rituals. New Yorker Francoise Decatrel created Amayori after her travels in Gion, a historic district of Kyoto, where she learned to appreciate the practice as something much deeper than a beauty routine.  "I learned that for many, bathing is a meditative practice," says Decatrel. "A time to renew, revive, relax, and cleanse the soul." It's not exactly a priority when you're rushing through a 90-second shower at 7 a.m. so you can get the hell out the door. But, even if you don't have time for a soul-cleansing experience, shower mochi can help squeeze just a little more serenity into your day. Place one of these aromatic bulbs on the floor of your shower (out of the direct stream of water) and step into a cocoon of floral, musky, or invigorating scent. The mochi melts away in five to 10 minutes, and the scent — though strong enough to fill your bathroom — fades shortly after. Shower mochi is not unlike Lush's Emotibomb (RIP), a beloved and discontinued aromatherapy disk that worked the same way. While it may be slightly indulgent (and, it's not exactly drugstore beauty-priced), you'd be surprised how a little bit of luxury can turn your morning around. Amayori's elegant treat would make a great gift for a stressed-out friend, new mom, or anyone else who deserves a spa day but doesn't have time to take one. 
You know what else would make a great gift? Mochi that you eat in the shower.  Amayori Shower Mochi Aromatherapy Shower Tablets, $21, available at

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