The Prettiest Hairstyle For Lazy Girls With Short Hair

Just as blondes have a reputation for having more fun, so, too, do those with long hair. But not so fast. With the right tools and tricks under your belt, short cuts can get in on all the party-hair action. In three quick and easy steps, we're showing you how to transform your short hair into a twisted updo. Watch the video above for a tutorial, and give it a try using the steps below.
Step 1. Take the front section of hair from one side of the middle-part and twist, securing it down with a bobby pin behind the ear. Then add more hair, twist, and pin. Repeat until you hit the back of the head.
Step 2. Repeat on the other side.
Step 3. Combine the ends of the hair from both sides and secure in a ponytail with an elastic.

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