Shocker Of The Century: Tourists Think New Yorkers Walk Too Fast

Okay, as proud New Yorkers, we know we can be a little snobby when it comes to our city and our speed of life. When we saw this critique our first thought might have been "get over it," but the author is right—it's only fair that we hear out these grievances since tourism is a large part of NYC's economy. Some of the pointers are obvious like, "don't walk too fast" (we're just trying to get around your wheely suitcase), and, "Stop talking about how you live in the greatest city in the world" (we know, the truth hurts). Others are a little surprising, such as, "Tell me where to buy counterfeit purses" (Canal Street), and, "Don't tell me I'm dumb for eating at Olive Garden—I love breadsticks!" (you may be dumb, but at least when you're there, you're family). How are we gonna combat these complaints? For our part, we're willing to compromise—you tourists stop being so clueless and we'll stop being so ruthless, kapeesh? (Gothamist)

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