Got a Shitty Ex? This Show Is For You

For better or worse, most of us can only truly comprehend the shittiness of an ex after we've completed the complex and emotionally messy (hello boxed wine and Instagram stalking) process of getting the hell over them. Only then can we see why our friends didn't approve. Only then can we grasp that forgetting birthdays and blowing off dates is straight soft-boy behavior. Only then can we actually laugh about all the ridiculous moments. Whether you've gotten to this glorious point of enlightenment or you're still wading through your post-breakup funk, our brand-new show, Shitty Boyfriends, is here for you like what's-his-name never was. Presented in partnership with The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — another epic new show about, uh, questionable relationship choices (premiering tonight at 8/7c) — our web original is relatable and painfully on point, with a protagonist you'll love instantly. Check out the trailer below, and tune in on October 19 for the first episode of Shitty Boyfriends. Consider this the start of something special.

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