Guilty! We Say All This Sh*t NY’ers Say

From "all we had today was a bagel!" to, "ugh, tourists," and pretty much everything in between, the quotables from the "Shit New Yorkers Say," video are almost too spot on. We're jaded about seeing celebrities on the street, we're elitest about our news sources, we pay astronomical prices for movie tickets, and yes, we've also been known to scoff at clueless strangers. But that's why you we love us, right? And, sorry, Queens but the neighborhood snobbery is also pretty spot-on (we're not saying it's right...). The only thing they got wrong: that whole "nobody knows about this place," thing — we do.
Weigh in: Are you ready for the madness to stop (amen!) or do you wanna see more shit we all know we say videos? Tell us in the comments below, (or else, be a shmuck).

Photo and Video Via YouTube

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