Map It Out: SFMade Gives You A Thorough Retail Tour Of The City

It’s no secret San Francisco is generously peppered with some of the quaintest, most adorable shops around. Our fair city houses everything from cutesy mom-and-pop boutiques to artsy, one-of-a-kind retailers. And while shopping in S.F., it is pretty evident that the “locally made” mantra and ethos runs deep. This is in no small part due to an abundance of rad craftsman and designers dedicated to bringing us the best in locally sourced goods. And until now, locating all these shops was a bit of a treasure hunt — and you might have to bop around a bit to hit them all up. But, thanks to SFMade and its handy-dandy retail map — you're now good to go.
The organization, which supports S.F’s independent shops and companies, has created a cheat sheet of this town's best and brightest retail stars. "We created this to build and support a vibrant manufacturing sector in San Francisco, where we could provide industry-specific support, resources, and a locally branded platform to the companies who go the extra mile to make things right here in San Francisco," explained senior director Janet Lees. To peep the map, and learn more about the organization head to their site. Ready, set, shop!
Photo: Via SFMade/Facebook

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