You’ll Never Guess Which States Buy The Most Sex Toys

Sex toys have a long and complex history. Once a treatment for female hysteria and a way for husbands to maintain full control over their wives' sexual experience, they've since become a symbol of women's sexual liberation, a new smut genre, and sometimes a guest star on Law & Order: SVU. In case your local trivia night happens to take place at a strip club, this infographic of weird facts about sex toys might be just the edge you need.
Adult toy store Adam & Eve put together this handy information (or no-handsy, if you will) information for those looking to learn more about their little vibrating friends. It's not all that surprising, but some of it is definitely new: We never would've guessed that Sears catalogues included full spreads on available sex toys as early as 1918. And while you may have heard that the first vibrator weighed 40 pounds and required several people to operate, you might not know that its modern-day equivalent comes in a diamond-encrusted version worth $55,000. Most surprising of all is the stats about which states boast the most vibrator sales per capita — places we thought were the last bastions of puritanism are actually kinkier than our very own Empire State.
You really gotta see it to believe it. Check out the full infographic below, and enjoy yourself!
Adam and Eve scandalous facts Presented by Adam & Eve - Scandalous facts you didn't know about sex toys

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