Score A SenSpa Massage For Nearly $100 Less!

One of our favorite spas in town, the urban, oasis-like SenSpa, is knocking nearly a Benjamin off its signature Intuitive Massage this week only. For $99 (instead of the regular $195), you can score the uber-relaxing (and very S.F.-centric) 50-minute treatment, which includes hippie-dippy benefits like energy balancing, and uses guided meditation along with crystals and aromatherapy with flower and gem essences. And, seriously, even if all of that stuff is a bit too far-out for you, trust that the massage will be amazing (we love their heated tables!), and the SenSpa setting alone will make it a worth-it escape. If you've got a little more green to play with, we suggest indulging in one of the spa's brand new 90-minute Master Sessions, which will only be available until August. For $225-$250 a pop, choose from the Sixth Sense Massage Session, which includes a spiritual reading, the Yoga Massage Synergy Session, and the Rhythm Entrainment Massage, which is conducted by a classically trained violinist and uses shamic drumming in order to somehow enhance problem solving and creativity.
When: Through Friday, July 15
Where: SenSpa, 1161 Gorgas Avenue (in the Presidio); 415-441-1777.

Photo: Flickr

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