Wait A Sec, Is This The Creepiest Ad Ever, Or Is It Just Us?

You already know we're on a throwback kick, but we just can't seem to get enough of the vintage goodness we've been finding while sourcing inspiration lately. So, behold: Exhibit B. Is it just us or is there something seriously disturbing, but at the same time mesmerizing, about this Seagram's ad from May 1976's Apartment Life magazine? Forgive us if we're sullying your idea of "good times" no, "great times" here, but what exactly is the big ol' hoot about a woman bathing a man with a goatee in a bath tub that looks like a grape-stomping barrel? According to the copy, Seagrams "Seven & Seven," a mixed drink comprised of — wait for it — Seagram's 7 Crown and 7Up"was invented for times like these. Not just good times. Great times." Still confused? C'mon guys, "It's the drink Americans enjoy when they're enjoying themselves." I.e. when they're getting washed by their SO with a porcelain pitcher... in the middle of the afternoon... in their living room. Now, we don't like to consider ourselves prudes, but if this is the hot tub time machine we're gonna encounter after a "Seven & Seven," well, we might just stick to vodka soda.

Photo: Via Apartment Life Magazine, May 1976

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