Video: Scott Campbell Gives Someone A Prison Tattoo

Being a Youtube sensation must be addictive. Casey Neistat, whose crazy bike video, showing him purposely crashing into taxis, we reported on in June, is trying to go viral again with his latest posting. This time, the apparently allergic to safety dude taps our favorite tattoo artist, Scott Campbell (he of the Louis Vuitton tattoos), to rack up the hits. The vid follows Campbell around NYC while he searches for supplies to make a homemade "prison tattoo" gun, which consists of a nine-volt battery, a toothbrush, and masking tape, among other random things. Of course, Neistat wants a piece of the action, drug-deal-ishly meeting up with Scott in Tompkins Square Park to bare his forearm for his own "prison tattoo." If you're squeamish, we suggest not going past the 4:46 mark. Bless this (potentially viral) mess, indeed.

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