These Socks Have Got Something To Hide (But Your BF Will LOVE Them)

Christmas shopping trips are a bit like tequila; fun in small doses, but before you know it you’re a sobbing mess and in desperate need of a black cab to take you home.
Or maybe that’s just us.
The men in our lives tend to be the biggest offenders when it comes to inducing holiday-shopping blues, so we’re thrilled that today we can impart a little festive wisdom of our own.
First, two (possibly sloppy) generalisations about boyfriends, husbands, dads and brothers: they adore football, and they are virtually impossible to buy decent gifts for. Happily, these two negatives combine to create a positive thanks to Savile Rogue’s luxe football socks. Created for the “discerning” football fan, the idea is that you can discretely show support for your team, whether it’s Manchester United or Accrington Stanley, without resorting to head-to-toe kit. And they’re cashmere.
Socks might be the running joke of Christmas presents, but we reckon you’ll have the last laugh with these bad boys.
Feeling better about December 25 already? You can thank us later – unless of course your boyfriend hates football and is into stamp collecting. In which case, please excuse us while we reach for another tequila....
Intrigued? You can pick 'em up now.

Savile Rogue Cashmere-Blend Football Socks, £16.95, available at Savile Rogue.


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