Is San Francisco The Wealthiest City In California?

It’s true: There’s tons of money circulating around our hilly city. It seems every other day a mega-buck condo is constructed, or a Silicon Valley bigwig starts a business — and we don't need a study to know this. It’s become one of the reasons why so many of us lament our high rents and the insane cost of living. But, if you thought San Francisco was lagging behind our SoCal neighbors in L.A. when it comes to housing the super-rich, you’d be wrong.
According to the San Francisco Business Times, there are about 5,460 ultra-high net worth peeps living here, versus Los Angeles, which has about 5,135.
Not a crazy-huge difference, but it definitely comes as a surprise. In the entire state of California, there are approximately 13,445 mega-rich folks, according to the Wealth-X Special Report on America's Ultra Wealthy Population. But, considering that in terms of its size San Francisco barely makes a dent compared to L.A. and the rest of the state, it means there are a lot of billionaires per capita here. So, there’s that. (San Francisco Business Times)

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